Wedding Ceremonies with Santa Barbara Officiant Steve Urzua

Wedding Ceremonies with Santa Barbara Officiant Steve Urzua

Let me start by congratulating you on your decision to get married!

On your wedding day, you will be making a public statement about your love and romance, and you will be painting a picture of the special and unique nature of your love for each other.

This is your special day, and it will be my job to help bring to life the wedding ceremony you both envision; one that will not only have your friends and relatives present as witnesses, but will draw them in as part of your celebration, sharing in your excitement and hope for the future.

Wedding Ceremonies Santa Barbara Officiant Steve Urzua

The words spoken on your Wedding Day day should be real, both defining the bride and groom as individuals, as well as expressing and embodying the great expectation of joining two hearts in marriage.

Whether you desire a formal affair, or an intimate and more casual ceremony, I will help facilitate your wedding plans:

  • If you desire to personalize all or part of your wedding, including vows, I will assist you.
  • I can walk you through the typical order of service of the ceremony itself, and you can add your own creative touches to make your ceremony more meaningful and personal for you (e.g. unity candles, etc.)

Remember that on your Wedding Day, I want you to have the wedding you desire!